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Zoner Precision Agriculture Platform
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Zoner includes a comprehensive range of organizational and analytical functions, and provides an unprecedented opportunity for georeferenced data storage and analysis:

  1. 1

    Organization and storage of raster and vector data for agricultural enterprises, farmers, consultants and government organizations;

  2. 2

    Assessment of land resources (determination of field fertility and field area);

  3. 3

    Analysis of field variability and the delineation of areas within the field for variable rate (VR) fertilization, VR seeding and site-specific application of pesticides using multiple sources of data;

  4. 4

    Planning soil sampling points for zone sampling and navigation route;

  5. 5

    Assessment of current crop conditions;

  6. 6

    Current weather monitoring and forecast of crop disease;

  7. 7

    Creation of prescriptions for VR fertilization, seeding and site-specific application of pesticides.

How it works

Zoner is a software solution created by IntelMax Corp. to organize, store, and analyze information in precision agriculture. The system carries out the analysis of satellite images, aerial imagery, yield monitor data and soil EC, terrain and other georeferenced data. In addition, Zoner provides detailed real-time information about the weather in each field and allows for crop disease forecasting.

With Zoner users can assess land resources, analyze the heterogeneity of fields and field variability, and create a homogeneous zones with the same yield potential, plan navigation and place points for soil sampling, and create prescription files for VR application of fertilizer, VR seeding and targeted application of crop protection chemicals.

Zoner delineates management zones depending on yield potential on each square meter of the field, and these zones are very easy to interpret. Due to the utilization of data from multiple years and different layers, the accuracy of delineation of zones is the best on the world market.

Automated data analysis takes just a few seconds. The system is accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

Essentially, the method of analysis is similar to the analysis of yield monitor data, but due to the 30-year archive of multispectral satellite imagery, users of the system do not require years of data collection and many hours on the calibration of yield monitors.

This technology has already been implemented in hundreds of thousands of acres in Canada, the USA, Russia and Ukraine.

Data provided

Zoner provides access to a huge archive of georeferenced multispectral imagery with verified accuracy. Currently, the system contains thousands of satellite images taken in the period from 1982 to 2016 in North America and Europe. The number of images available for a specific area ranges from 40 to 360. Zoner archive is constantly being updated, depending on the needs of the users.

The system is fully integrated with Open Street Maps, Bing and Google (satellite, terrain and map).

The main advantages of Zoner

Access to a huge archive of multispectral satellite imagery collected over the last 30 years.

Unique scientific algorithms for data analysis.

High performance, easiness of interpretation and scalability.

Integrated geostatistical analysis and visualization of multispectral satellite images, yield data, soil electrical conductivity, soil analysis, terrain and weather data.

Data security.

Access and analyze data from anywhere through the Internet.

The top-level of professional expertise, innovations and years of experience.

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